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How to Compress Video with VLC Player : Video Tutorial

Hemant Verma - 9:40 PM
VLC is one of the best and reliable video player for Windows and other platforms also. VLC media player fan then you could do use it as a video cutting tool too.

One more advantage of using VLC is that people who use other operating systems like Ubuntu, Fedora or Mac and hence cannot use the Windows Movie Maker, can also use the cross-platform VLC to cut out video clips.

Steps to Convert and Compress using VLC Media Player:

1) Open the VLC Media Player, select Media in Tool bar and in that click on ‘Convert/ Save’ option or you can use short cut key Ctrl + R

2) Select the file which you want to convert and click on Convert/Save

3) Select the Destination folder where you want to save the converted file, while saving the file name save with the extension (suppose if you want to save file name as abc converting into MP4 format then give name file name as abc.mp4 not only abc )

4) Even you can select or change the Audio or Video codec by using the Edit Selected Profile option present next to profile selection drop down menu

5) Click on Start, within few minutes you will get the converted file in specified format and you will see that size of file will be reduced.

Here is Video Tutorial...

Add a Turn Off Lights Effect in Blogger While Watching Videos

Hemant Verma - 7:44 PM

jQuery is a very good and a awesome plugin for all web developers and blog developers but there is most important thing is we have to and we should have to use it in a positive manner otherwise that could be harmful for our blog and website.

This plugin is very awesome and also very important for our blogs and most important for those blog who shows the videos on their blogs, you can easily turn off lights of your blog and easily can see those videos and feel like you are watching them in cinema halls ;)

How to Set a Custom Channel Name in Youtube

Hemant Verma - 10:14 PM

Custom names are going to set in every sector of internet like custom link, custom blog link, so same as youtube also giving a small service and you can create a custom a channel name in your own youtube channel, if you create a custom channel name in youtube then your visitors can easily search your channel name, and that will be more easy for getting the more and more youtube views on your videos, but remember you can set it only once and you can't change that channel name in future and also can't repalce it with any other channel name.

Set a Custom Channel Name in Youtube

  • Open
  • Sign in with your google OR gmail account.
  • See below video and Follow all steps

Final Words....!

As I posted this tutorial be'coz we recently create a our youtube channel and when I want to set their custom channel name then I got many problems in this task be'coz that's some where difficult be'coz youtube didn't give direct option for setting the custom channel name, after I ask to my friend Kartik and he told me how to set that custom name, so I set that name successfully and I want to share it with my visitors and friends. So, Be Happy and Keep Blogging :)

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