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How to Disable "View Source Code" from Blogger

Hemant Verma - 11:49 AM
In today days many publishers is going to copying your source code and also try to copy your content, and we try many kinds of plugins to stop that copying of view source but these plugins are very expensive and we will have to buy them all together and also we will have to renew that every year and also we have to give taxes of maintenance. but in blogger it si totally free you have to just add some simple code and that will not charge any kind of single penny from you.

Install Code here...
Follow all steps carefully.
  • Login to Blogger > Template
  • Take Backup of Your Template Before Edit
  • Click on "EDIT HTML" 
  • Paste below code just above of </head> tag
<script type='text/javascript'>
var isCtrl = false;
if(e.which == 17)
if(e.which == 17)
if((e.which == 85) || (e.which == 67) &amp;&amp; isCtrl == true)
// alert(&#8216;Keyboard shortcuts are cool!&#8217;);
return false;
var isNS = (navigator.appName == "Netscape") ? 1 : 0;
if(navigator.appName == "Netscape") document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN||Event.MOUSEUP);
function mischandler(){
return false;
function mousehandler(e){
var myevent = (isNS) ? e : event;
var eventbutton = (isNS) ? myevent.which : myevent.button;
if((eventbutton==2)||(eventbutton==3)) return false;
document.oncontextmenu = mischandler;
document.onmousedown = mousehandler;
document.onmouseup = mousehandler;

  • Now Save Your Template 
  • You are done.

How Google Earn Money from it's Search Engine

Hemant Verma - 2:40 PM
As we use Google, many times in a single day and this awesome product is totally free not even google is free but it's Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Docs, Picasa, Maps, Earth, News, Analytics, or their Mobile Apps are absolutely free so how Google earn money and how it can be a worth billion company? This question comes in mind many times but this is very simple to know answer and answer is below in details.

Answer is simple, we are the money machines for Google...! Yes, it could be full of shock for you but this is true. We means users is biggest product for Google. Google company controls almost 90% of search market of UK and almost 97% market of US and Google earns almost it's 95% revenue from the advertising.

What we are searching and how we are searching it's all track by company and on the daily basis, site returns almost 1 billion search results globally and serves billion of ads alongside. The secret to success is in the scale of its operation.

The main product is its huge pool of users and extensive data about how they behave online. This data is used to match companies with potential customers, serving up ads that users are more likely to want to click.

Google's Money Making Machine

Google has two top most programs which is making them king of money and that is....

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Google Adsense

Google already says in their own words...

Today, the majority of our revenue comes from advertising.

Advertisers are increasingly turning to the Internet to market their products and services. Google AdWords, our auction-based advertising program, enables advertisers to deliver relevant ads targeted to search queries or web content to potential customers across Google sites and through the Google Network, which consists of content owners and websites.

Our proprietary technology automatically matches ads to the content of the page on which they appear, and advertisers pay us either when a user clicks on one of its ads or based on the number of times their ads appear on the Google Network.

We distribute our advertisers’ AdWords ads for display on the Google Network through our AdSense program. We share most of the revenue generated from ads shown on a site of a Google Network member with that member. 

Now Let's talk about Google Adwords....

Google Adwords is a very simple product that concentrates on the online advertising, it means we can advertise our business, shop, product etc. on the Google by it's Adwords program and that will show our ads on the results page of  Google.

Many times when you were searching anything, and on the result page you will show some ads on the result page like below in image.

So these kinds of ads performs a major task and help Google to earn money from it's Adword program. Google charge a very respective amount from these kinds of ads. These ads are obviously sponsored by advertisers on Google AdWords who pays Google every time you click any of those ads. So, if you search for “loans” or say “insurance” on Google then you’ll  find ads relevant to “loans” or “insurance” itself.

Google not only earn money by it's ads they also offers others to earn money by their ads, and that is known as Google Adsense program.

Read: Everything About Google Adsense Program

Now Let's Talk about the Google Adsense Program....

Googel Adsense Program is unique program when it was launched by the company, this program is only for publishers, simply in this program, Google provides some ads to a website or blog owner, and website or blog owner will have to publish that ads on their blog/site and Google will pay you for that kinds of ads, this is a simple formula of Google.

Simply this system of Google Adsense is totally works on the CPC system (Cost per Click) and the cost of per click is depend on the no. of hits on your site/blog.
E.g. This is the Google Adsense Ads which is provide by the Google
to place on their website and blog.

Others ways by Google Earn Money outside the Advertising....

There are other ways also by which Google earn money.

  1. Google Play Store
  2. Google Apps
  3. Google Cloud Platform
  4. Google Fiber


Even after so many acquisitions and business diversification, over 90% of Google’s revenue still comes from advertising.

Again, 70% of this ad revenue is from Google AdWords (that is, Google owned web properties like,, etc.) and 30% from Google AdSense (partner networks and websites).

Now you know that the biggest search engine is also the biggest advertising company in the world.

How to Start an Online Advertising Agency?

Hemant Verma - 9:13 PM

Online business advertising has quickly become the primary way to promote both small and large businesses. Today, money is pouring into this rapidly expanding field, and it is expected to be the greatest form of advertising in the future. Wherever there is advertising, there is advertising money being spent. You can tap into this market with the right skills and business model.

Create an Ezine or Blog

One way to get into the online advertising industry is to create a website where you can host and sell advertisements. This can occur in a number of different models, including an ezine "magazine" or a simple blog. Ezines typically focus on one industry or area. They can be hosted online or sent as an email each week or month. If you are going to start an ezine, you will need the following knowledge:

Excellent writing skills

Knowledge of the industry you would like to write about
A network of contacts that you will continue to grow
Knowledge of best practices in email marketing and content creation
This may include learning how to operate things like an email marketing platform or even learning how to program HTML, a computer language, into an email. If you do not have this knowledge, consider going with a simpler model of creating a blog. You can use a number of free, automated services to start a blog. These include the popular Wordpress and Blogger platforms. To start a blog, you will need:

Excellent writing skills

Knowledge of the industry you would like to write about
Good use of social networks and other platforms to promote your blog for readers.
With both an ezine and a blog, you will not truly make money off advertising until your readership becomes fairly large.

Become an SEO Expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the science of how to get found online. This practice area does not rely as much on paid advertisements as it does on constant promotions through website content, business listings and social networks. Today, there are a number of SEO professionals and SEO schools that can help you learn the business. You should know this industry has evolved a large degree since its initial starting place just a few years ago. Today, to truly call yourself an expert, you must stay on top of trends and have a solid knowledge of computer programming. If you are qualified, you can start a business helping other business owners implement changes to help them get found online.

Start a Marketing Company

If you want to take everything a step further, consider starting an online marketing business. This type of business model will employ best practices in all areas of online marketing including blogging, social networking, press releases and SEO. Individuals looking to run an online advertising business must have an excellent understanding of computer programming. Without this knowledge, you will not likely be able to compete with current businesses in your industry. It is additionally helpful to have a background in the traditional marketing industry, such as agency experience. Combining agency experience with strong online marketing knowledge will give you a good base to start a marketing company.

There is also some points which can be follow to related with this seat...

Step 1

Decide what type of advertising agency you wish to run, and list the services you will offer. Larger agencies may offer a number of services, while smaller agencies may specialize in internet, print media, radio, television, signage or other visual advertising media.

Step 2

Obtain a local business permit from your town hall, state tax certificate from your state's business regulatory office and federal tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service. There are no special licenses to operate an advertising agency.

Step 3

Set up your office with computer, printer, phone, fax, furniture and supplies. Your office may be run from your home, but ensure that it is away from household noise and other distractions. A dedicated phone and fax line is recommended for professionalism, and you will require reliable high-speed Internet service.

Step 4

Purchase a digital camera, photo scanner and graphic arts design program such as the ad and printing industry standard, Adobe Creative Suite (optional). You may choose to outsource your design work, but will have to pay design fees.

Step 5

Purchase business cards, stationery, brochures and other printed marketing materials from your local printer. Endeavor to buy locally to establish business relationships in your town. If you wish to have a website, purchase a domain and hosting package, and publish your site.

Step 6

Create a list of local and regional businesses who may be interested in your services. Maintain the list on a spreadsheet or database program for reference and marketing purposes.

Step 7

Contact newspapers, magazines, television stations and other advertising media offices to request rate sheets. These sheets list the type and costs of advertising with their company. Most offer an average 10 percent discount off ad rates for agencies, but always inquire to be certain.

Step 8

Create and execute a marketing campaign to the companies on your prospect list. Your campaign may use elements of direct mail of marketing materials, emails and phone calls.

Step 9

Join local business organizations to network with other business owners and get your name out there. In the advertising business, relationships, visibility and creativity are the keys to getting your first account.

Build Link in Just 15 Min While Have Taste of Butter Slices | Cracking Strategies

Hemant Verma - 9:31 PM
The link Building is perhaps one of the SEO factors that has changed in recent years. From an artificial link building and quantity we were doing in the past and in future a quality link building and natural should be done in 2015. All these changes have prompted the advent of Penguin algorithm , which makes a clear distinction between natural and positive links, and which are artificial and are therefore negative for any domain, and that can bring us to the loss of organic visibility and even greater penalty .

When we are beginners in SEO and we want to position our web design, link building seems a complex issue and we will have a millions of questions to our head. But to help and to resolve some of these questions I will indicate a number of very basic tips to do link building in a very natural way. But before you start with the basic tips I threw a hotly debated question since the arrival of Panda 4.0 in May, and is:

[UPDATED] Google Penguin 3.0 Update Still Rolling Out Slowly to Eat Your Keywords

Hemant Verma - 6:36 PM
2.5 weeks ago, Google pushed out the Penguin 3.0 update after waiting over a year to update Penguin 2.1.

Last update later was confirmed and told it would roll out worldwide over the next few weeks. It has been 2 weeks and 4 days and yesterday, Google's John Mueller said as far as he knows, "the whole data is still rolling out slowly."

Penguin Update 3.0

John said this in a video webmaster hangout on Google+ at 35 seconds into the video. The question was:

Question asked by Baruch, the short version: Is the rollout of Penguin from two weeks ago complete?
John Mueller answered: As far as I know, the whole data is still rolling out slowly. So you might just be seeing fluctuations from that.


What is Google Penguin Update?

Google Penguin is a code name for a Google algorithm update that was first announced on April 24, 2012. The update is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using now declared black-hat SEO techniques involved in increasing artificially the ranking of a webpage by manipulating the number of links pointing to the page. Such tactics are commonly described as link schemes. According to Google's John Mueller, Google has announced all updates to the Penguin filter to the public.

Effect of Penguin Update

By Google’s estimates,Penguin affects approximately 3.1% of search queries in English, about 3% of queries in languages like German, Chinese, and Arabic, and an even bigger percentage of them in "highly spammed" languages. On May 25, 2012, Google unveiled another Penguin update, called Penguin 1.1. This update, according to Matt Cutts, was supposed to affect less than one-tenth of a percent of English searches. The guiding principle for the update was to penalize websites using manipulative techniques to achieve high rankings. The purpose per Google was to catch excessive spammers. Allegedly, few websites lost search rankings on Google for specific keywords during the Panda and Penguin rollouts.[according to whom? Google specifically mentions that doorway pages, which are only built to attract search engine traffic, are against their webmaster guidelines.

Penguin 3 was released October 5, 2012 and affected 0.3% of queries.Penguin 4 (AKA Penguin 2.0) was released on May 22, 2013 and affected 2.3% of queries. Penguin 5 (AKA Penguin 2.1) was released on October 4, 2013, affected around 1% of queries, and has been the most recent of the Google Penguin algorithm updates.

Here are some of the reasons why your site might be affected with Penguin update:
  • Anchor text over optimization
  • Low quality backlinks
  • Link relevance
  • Outbound link quality
  • Link pyramid
  • Serving duplicate content from sub-domain (Fixing WordPress duplicate content)
  • Keyword stuffing (High Keyword density, repeating Keywords)
  • Sending automated queries to Google. Ex software: WebPosition Gold
  • Websites with virus or spam warning (Trojans, website distributing malware)
  • Affiliate Websites with thin content and no value
  • Hidden links and Hidden texts (Black hat SEO practice)
  • SEO over optimization
  • Any other black hat SEO techniques used

10 Amazing Reasons: Why Should We Host Images in Blogger?

Hemant Verma - 6:50 PM
Image hosting is a very important and most heading task for web developers and also for the bloggers, to find a best free image hosting site is too difficult because many sites offer free image hostings but after some time they delete our images automatically because of the low bandwidth, many of them delete our images because we don't work longer on that account or don't work longer on that images so there is many problems which always comes in front of us related with image hosting.

So, we have a important, free and most powerful platform for image hosting and that is blogger. We can host our images at blogger platform on free of cost and with full of support.

10 Reasons: Why should we Host images at Blogger

Let's check some points that why should we use blogger for image hosting and why should neglact other free hostings.

1. Blogger is Free

As we mentioned that blogger is totally free of cost and you can upload your any kind of images on blogger and blogger will charge any thing from you, blogger is free and it will always remain free for their users. So, it's a most popular advantage of the blogger platform.

2. Bandwidth

Blogger provides you unlimited bandwidth for your images otherwise free image hosting usually impose a bandwidth limit. Exceed of the limi and you willsee one of these images instead of your real images.
Almost all free third party blogger template use free images hosting (with limited bandwidth ) to host their images. If you are one of the users so beware! Sooner your images might be get down because of the low or limited bandwidth. So, in the sense of the bandwidth blogger is best.

3. Unlimited images Upload

As many image hosting site gives you a limited space like 2 GB or 5 GB but blogger gives a unlimited space and there is no limit of how many images you could upload in a particular day, you can upload unlimited and uncountable images in a single day and blogger will accept them all.
Blogger support all basic formats of images like JPEG, PNG, GIF, as many free image hosting sites doesn't supports the GIF format of images because that kind of images usually has bigger in size and server can't affort their pixel rate of animation so thats why they can't support them, but as we all knows that Blogger is hosted on the Google's servers thats why there is no issues of server or bandwidth related with the Blogger.

4. Speed

Hosting all images on Blogger (rather than blogger plus other external servers) will reduce  HTTP request therefore reducing loading time. Besides, blogger is a part of Google which is known for it's super fast servers.

5. Direct Link Generate

Blogger image uploader always generate a direct public link by which anyone can that image for their it's use, the main advantage is that when you upload your image then that image's link will not be delete automatically and also will not be expire, and by using that link you can show your image or photograph to anyone on internet and when you will show that image to anyone then there will only that image will show.
For e.g. when we use tiny url for image hosting and when get the link of image and when we open that link then the web page of tiny website open first and that image shows inside that website, but in blogger when you open your image link that link shows only your image not any website in the background. So, it saves your loading time and also saves your data charges :-)

6. Quality Remain Same

As many hosting site give a good hd quality to that image account which is a paid account and to free account holders they give a low quality of images but blogger doesn't change the quality of your image that always be reman same.

7. Google Brand

The biggets reason for trust on the blogger is Google, because Google's servers is hadling blogger and we all know about the bandwidth of Google. We can easily trust Google's product.

8. Security

As above mentioned that blogger is a Google's product so the security will be very good of Google. Most important thing is to remember about the Google is that if we host the images in blogger so your images will be safe in blogger and no one can't hack the blogger and your images will be keep in safe mode, with Google servers.

9. Decoded image URL

Blogger and Google always use a a decoded form url for your hosted images because they wants to keep safe your images because their server's security depends on the decoded code and that codes always keep safe your images and no one can't stolen your images.

10. Easy Upload and Download Options

When we upload images in blogger so that is so easy to upload with only a button have and most important is that the user inface is too much friendly for the newbies in blogger, and if you want to download them then easily hit a right click on image and click on Save button your image will save in just two steps.

Top Killer 15 Points To Create Your Perfect 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy

Hemant Verma - 9:39 AM
Aswe all know about the digital marketing and we also know the new trends in the social market, according to a surway "70% peoples in India and in Asian countries would like to buy products from online stores" so marketers is going to spend lots of money on the emarketing and also on the digital marketing, so if you are going to start your ebusiness so these 15 killing steps is more important for you, OR you are a marketer so it's also much valuable for you than others.

It is hard to believe that 2015 is right around the corner.
As the weather starts to cool down, digital marketers’ brains just begin to warm up and think about the budget for the New Year. The million-dollar question is what are the best digital networks to invest into and what platforms should receive more exposure for 2015?
Malcolm X was quoted as saying; “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” If you are reading this article, you are likely a step ahead of the competition by staying sharp in news and trends in the online marketing field. By starting to think about the future of online marketing, you can plan out a successful 2015 year for your business while staying a step ahead of the competition.
The 15 step guideline for the perfect 2015 digital marketing strategy will provide you with a digital marketing blueprint for the upcoming year.

1. Get started on Instagram

If you haven’t started an Instagram account for your business, what are you waiting for? The younger generation has flocked to this social media platform with over 200 million monthly active users (according to Expanded Ramblings). Advertisers are getting more of an opportunity to share their content through filtered photos. Instagram is one of the most natural ways to share content for your brand. It is better to be a step ahead of the game than 2 steps behind it.

2. Yahoo! Bing network

The average cost per click on Yahoo! Bing was 10% to 24% lower than on Google AdWords.  A lower cost per click can yield a lower cost per acquisition, which is the exact reason why you should start taking the search network seriously that receives 11.6% of the market share this upcoming year.
If you are in an expensive industry in the pay per click world like the legal profession, insurance industry or medical field, having a lower cost per click can help with a profitable PPC campaign.

3. Facebook lookalike audience

What exactly is a Facebook Lookalike Audience? According to Facebook, Lookalike audiences let you reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to a customer list you care about. When you use Custom Audiences, you can choose to create a lookalike audience that targets people who are similar to your Custom Audience list.
Let’s say you have an email marketing database over 5,000 contacts and are in the heating and cooling industry. You can upload this onto Facebook’s advertising platform and target the EXACT demographic similar to your existing customers! This is a neat feature that advertisers should at least test during the upcoming year.

4. Paid promotion on Facebook

Adding just $5.00 in promotion to selected Facebook posts will drastically increase your interaction. You’ll start to notice a major spike in communication when you boost your post for a small budget. With Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm, the likelihood for a business to appear high in the news feed is less likely. This is why for 2015, you should focus on posts that can yield the best results and boost them for a small budget.

5. Email marketing

If you are a business that only sends out one email blast per month, start doubling this number and send out at least two per month. Nordstrom sends out multiple email blasts EACH DAY! If you have compelling content that would be informative to the subscribers on your email list, tell them about it via email communications.
According to, email marketing remains the best digital channel for ROI. Start strategizing heavily as to how you will make this for of online marketing work for you business in 2015!

6. Twitter outreach

There has been a lot of frustration amongst marketers over all of the advertising that various social media channels are forcing businesses to partake in. Luckily, Twitter is still a great platform where you can grow your following organically. Start searching for hashtags within your industry and reaching out to users in this fashion. Compliment someone on Twitter about a blog post that they wrote. Begin asking questions related to your hashtag. The result will be more interaction and core following of people who are interested in your content! There is a reason why Twitter has nearly 1 billion registered users! Start reaching your target audience via tweets through the perfect Twitter outreach strategy in 2015.

7. Facebook re-marketing

If you are a social media marketer and have not taken advantage of display advertising on Facebook, you are missing an outstanding opportunity. Not only will this yield one of the highest return on investments for your clients, it will help with brand exposure, lead to better conversion rates and provide a flexible budget which will lead to a more effective strategy.
An apartment community in Columbus implemented beautiful graphics with relevant messaging for one of its apartment communities for Facebook re-marketing. When someone would drop off of their website and visit Facebook, this messaging would follow them around. This resulted in a 33% uptick in conversion for their Polaris Apartmentscommunity!
Start seeing an uptick in conversion by implementing a Facebook re-marketing strategy for 2015.

8. Better blogging

We like to refer to blog content as the match that starts the fire. When you write a compelling blog, it has the potential to rank well organically in the search engines. 80% of daily blog visits are new so this is a great driver of new website traffic! Additionally, a blog can serve as content for a Facebook and Twitter post as well as a teaser for an email marketing campaign. By creating better blog content in 2015, your web traffic will increase and your content will become more compelling

9. Google+ game plan

Google+ might not gain you that much interaction on your social media posts. This social media platform plays a crucial role in search engine optimization on the localized level, which makes this a must for marketers in 2015.
The more reviews you get, the more content you post onto your page and the more followers your obtain, the higher the likelihood that you will start ranking well for localized search terms.

10. YouTube videos

Did you know that Google owns YouTube? By implementing videos into your online marketing mix, you can start to get search engine exposure for the videos that you upload onto YouTube! There are a lot of great tricks to obtain more video SEO Exposure. Choosing a proper title tag, uploading a transcript and embedding the YouTube video are just some of the tricks for optimal SEO exposure. Online video should definitely be included in your 2015 digital marketing strategy as this form of rich media can be a game changer in terms of publicity for your company. People will interpret your YouTube videos that you are taking your marketing initiatives very seriously!

11. Compelling graphics

The more compelling your graphics are on various social media channels, the more interaction you will receive. If you have a graphic designer, start sending him or her over your social media calendar so they can help create beautiful imagery. In 2015 you will want to increase engagement and great pictures certainly help. If you don’t have a graphic designer, don’t worry; there are affordable sites that offer stock photography like BigStock.

12. Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads have an average close rate of 14.6%, while outbound leads (such as cold calls or print advertising) have an average close rate of 1.7%. Having your website optimized for SEO is a necessity heading into 2015. By having an SEO strategy in place, you can increase your leads and grow your business for next year.

13. Content contribution

If you want your content to be seen by more eyeballs and gain more exposure, start contributing content to other blogs in similar fields. If you own an apartment community in Nashville, start writing for a local Nashville website that talks about the best activities around town. You will be seen as an expert in your city and this can help drive more traffic to your website. While people might not be looking for an apartment immediately, they will remember that you have invested time and effort into content within the community!

14. Digital PR

You can build off of the content contribution by implementing a Digital PR strategy. If you reach out to various media related websites and send them over a solid pitch, they might just write an article on your company or feature your CEO in a blog post.  The more people talking about your company, Tweeting about your business and mentioning your brand, the better exposure you will receive for the upcoming year.

15. Unique promotion:

Brainstorm a unique promotion that people will actually enjoy that can drive massive publicity for your company in 2015! Whether it is coming up with a user generated jingle contest or a photo upload promotion, entice your great fans on social media to interact with your brand in a clever way. If the promotion is a success, it will be one of the most talked about campaigns for your company in 2015.
We don’t expect digital marketers to hit on each and every one of the 15 guidelines referenced above. Within the list, some of the suggestions are relatively new while others have been around for the past decade. If you incorporate some of the 15 Steps from our Guideline, you might just have the perfect year in 2015 from an online marketing perspective!

How to Accept Credit Card on your Website?

Hemant Verma - 7:24 PM
Are you thinking of selling things on the web? If so, you will probably also be considering some way in which you can accept credit cards on your site. Since new webmasters who visit often ask me about how they can get started accepting payments in this form, this article provides some basic information on adding credit card payment facilities to your website.

How to Accept Credit Card on your Website?

Why Do It?

Credit card payments allow you to take advantage of the following types of customers:

Impulse Buyers

After reading your advertisements and hype on your site, buyers would be all fired up about your product. If they have a means of making a purchase immediately, you've secured that sale. If you only allow cheque ("check" in US English) payments, the additional time it takes for them to get their cheque book and mail out the cheque may be a deterrence. They may also have second thoughts later.

International Customers

Credit card payment is a tremendous convenience if your customers are overseas. It automatically takes care of the problems of currency differences as well as the time it takes for a cheque to travel to the vendor. You will lose a large number of overseas customers if cheque payment is the only way you can accept payment.

Methods of Accepting Credit Card Payments

There are actually two ways in which you can accept credit cards on your site.

Using Your Own Merchant Account

To do this, you will need a bank that will allow you to open a merchant account. Requirements for this will vary from country to country, and you should check with your local banks for more information on this.

Through a Third Party Merchant

There are numerous companies around that are willing to accept credit cards payments on your behalf in exchange for various fees and percentages. These are also known as "payment gateways".

Which Method Should You Use?

The initial costs of opening your own merchant account is usually higher than when you use a third party merchant. Indeed, some third party merchants have no setup fee at all. However, the transaction fee (which is what you pay the bank or third party merchant for each sale) is much higher when you use a third party as compared to when using your own merchant account.

A third party merchant is usually convenient to use when you don't know if you can actually make much out of your product or service. If you just want to test the water to see how things are, this is usually a good way to start. It is also convenient in that the merchant takes care of everything for you. You just get a cheque at the end of each payment period (if you have earned enough) and concentrate on your products, services and customers.

Another benefit of the payment gateway is that if you use a reputable one, your visitors may be more willing to buy your goods online since they trust that merchant to keep their credit card numbers safe.

While having your own merchant account lowers your transaction costs, you have to be careful to minimize your risks since you'll be processing the credit card payments yourself. By risks, I mean that you will have to deal with things like fraud (where people buy things with a stolen credit card number) and chargebacks (where someone forcibly reverses the payment to get a refund through their bank) yourself. This is not to say that there are no risks attendant in using a third party merchant.

Some Third Party Merchants / Payment Gateways

Here's a list of some third party merchants that you might want to consider if you're looking for ways to accept credit card payments. I have not used any of them myself, as a vendor (except for PayPal, and that was a very long time ago), so scrutinize them all carefully and use them at your own risk.

Note that rates and stuff that I publish below were correct at the time I investigated these vendors. It will most likely have changed by the time you read this since the merchants tend to modify their rates from time to time according to market conditions. Make sure that you check the current (up-to-date) details from their site before making any decision.

Volusion: This is actually a web host that also provides credit card processing. That is, all its hosting plans not only come with a built-in online store which you can use to sell your products and services, but you can also use them as your payment gateway to process credit and debit cards without signing up with a separate gateway. There are no setup fees, and transactions are charged for web, mail and phone orders at 2.17%. Yes, you read that right; some of their packages even allow your customers to order by telephone. Unfortunately, though, you need to be a US citizen to sign up for their payment gateway services. (Non-US citizens can of course still use their web hosting service with its built-in online store if they use some other payment gateway, such as the others listed on this page.)

RegNow: Designed for software authors to sell their ware, this merchant charges a one-time activation fee of $19.95 USD plus a transaction fee of 6.9% plus $1 USD per unit for their commission (minimum $2 USD charge). They also provide you with facilities that allows you to easily set up an affiliate program.

PayPal: This well-known service allows you to set up a Premier or Business account (you are subject to certain limits when receiving credit card payments if you use a Personal account, and probably also higher fees per transaction). The charges range between 1.9% + $0.30 USD to 2.9% + $0.30 USD for each transaction if you are in the US. Non-US users are charged different amounts according to the country.

Kagi: Kagi's fees seem to vary according to the order size, type of item sold and the type of payment (credit card, cash, money order) used by your customer.

Digital River: Digital River supports a wide range of credit cards (including the common ones like MasterCard and VISA), currencies and even PayPal. Unfortunately, their website isn't very informative (unless you like advertising tripe), so I can't tell you the rates they charge nor even whether they support physical goods in addition to digital ones. They require you to write to them for more information using their online form.

CCBill: There are no setup fees. Transaction fees vary (I can't find the schedule though) depending on the volume of sales in each accounting period. According to their website, "these fees are never more than 13.5% of revenues charged during this one-week period for CWIE hosting clients and 14.5% for non-hosting clients".

CCNow: This is only for people who ship tangible, physical products. There is no setup fee, and they charge 9% per transaction except in the November and December where the fees are 8% per transaction (yes, lower).

How to Put an Order Form or Shopping Cart on Your Website

Once you have signed up the vendor of your choice, you will be able to put an order form or shopping cart on your site. Each vendor has a different method for this, but most, if not all, will provide you with premade forms that you can customize for your product or service.

For example, if you use Volusion, the built-in website builder provided allows you to set up a store on your site directly. Other gateways have different methods. If you use PayPal, and don't know where to start, see my tutorial How to Put an Order Form or Buy Now Button on Your Website Using PayPal.

Trying It Out...........

Whichever you choose, if you are selling things on the Internet, you really have not much choice but to accept credit cards. You probably don't know what you missed until you try it out.

All the best for your business!

Effect of Guest Blogging Penalized by Google

Hemant Verma - 7:17 PM
Friends as we all know that Google Recently Penalized Guest Blogging Network and many bloggers are not accepting guest blogging and because of this update of Google but many bloggers are not accepting it from their heart because guest blogging always drive very huge traffic on internet but it also increase a huge traffic of spam links and spam advertising and Matt Cutt’s said previously that we should be careful and not abusing guest blogging. While many took that seriously, there are still some who continue doing it, but I remember if you are doing this then Google might be penalized your site.

Effects of Penalizing...

  • Before till Google didn't clear that they are penalizing Guest Blogging Network, I always got 4-5 articles on daily bases but after Google did this I'm getting only 3-4 guest articles in a week.
  • As we all know MyGuestBlog is not showing in the Google Search result.
  • Whole network of Guest Blogging has been looking like blocked.
  • While this is close to a completely white hat link building technique, many bloggers are (indirectly) abusing the link building cycle. This means that you can literally gain as many back links as possible even if your website is below pr2 … as long as you are constantly submitting guest posts.

How will Google Penalize You?

The extent of Google’s penalty is still up in the air, however MyBlogGuest is no longer showing up on search results for its own company name, (SEE CLICK HERE)  Because Cutts did mention action against an entire “network” and not just the single site managing the network, many SEOs, authors and publishers are waiting to see if the penalty will hit their own sites, blog posts and links acquired through MyBlogGuest. When penalizing link networks, Google typically penalizes all corresponding sites and links within the system, not just the owner.

Should You Continue to Submit or Accept Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging are meant to be quality and probably one of your best article creations with hours of hard work put in it. Don’t just submit your article to a dozen websites but instead, submit just a handful of articles to the right and related websites.

1. Before submitting guest blogging

  • If you want to submit articles to websites, make sure you are providing quality articles. Most of the time, majority of the blogger would say that they are submitting top notch quality and a simple read through will know that those are really bad.
  • If you are putting a high bar and expectation on your own guest blogging, you need to raise it even higher now.
  • Search engine is changing and it is getting tougher!

2. Before accepting guest blogging

  • If you happen to accept guest blogging, don’t panic. 
  • Check each articles for dead links and low quality posts.
  • Contact the guest blogger and ask if he or she would like to update the post(s)
  • Repeat and rinse these steps on a monthly basis.
  • While this is extremely time consuming, the effort taken would benefit you in a long run; avoiding yourself from being penalized by Google.

Final Words....!

So, Finally it's all your decision that will you accept guest article OR NOT? I'll recommend don't accept guest articles and If you still decide to accept a guest blog post, be safe by making sure that you can personally vouch for the author and that they are willing to nofollow their links. Although this has been the first publicized penalty for guest blog networks, I have little doubt Google that this will be the last network they make into an example. 

How to Write a Article Like Professional Blogger

Hemant Verma - 2:24 PM

Want to be a Professional Blog Writer? Then follow some basic rules of writing because blog writing is a creative work and most of your audience only impress by your way of writing and your article should be looks interesting in first way because as a proverb says, "first impression is the last impression". So, Your article should look like a professional, and how can it happen that we will discuss in this article.

How to Write a Article Like Professional Blogger

How to Add Meta Tags for Each Post V2

Hemant Verma - 1:45 PM

As we all know that Meta Tags are very important for every single website in blogger and not also fr blogger it's also very important in every kind of website, blog, software and every kind of software and other things need search description, and We could say that search description is an another name of Meta tags for websites, blogs etc. But if meta tags could be added for every individual post in blogger without any code then it can be very helpful very a kind of big achievement for bloggers, be'coz then our SEO will be more powerful in search engines. As we wrote a last post about on this topic that how to add meta tags for each post and that also working trick of it but there is one drawback of that trick is that we had to add every meta tag code for every single post and also had to save in blogger template, so this i very time consuming trick and this also increase the loading time of template. So, today we have a  new and very simple trick for this task and you don't need to add code and also not have to save your template every time. 

Read Also -  Meta Tags Pack

2. How to Add Meta Tags for Each Post V2

Lets's Go for it

  • Login to Blogger
  • Go to Dashboard
  • Create a new post
  • After written by your whole article
  • Open SEARCH DESCRIPTION (on the right side of post editor)
  • Enter your SEARCH DESCRIPTION in that box (like in image below)
  • And, finally publish your article.

This a best and perfect way of adding meta tags for every post in blogger.

Best 5 IOS apps for Bloggers

Hemant Verma - 11:59 PM
The beauty of blogging is all about being able to say anything you want, and now with the availability of amazing blogging apps, bloggers now have the power to make such a complicated task much easier especially if they are constantly on the go. But with all the IOS apps around, it can be very hard for you to find one that will suit your needs perfectly, especially when you still do not have any idea which ones will work best and which ones are not that useful. So to help you come up with a shortlist.

Here are our highly recommended Best 5 IOS apps for Bloggers

1. Blogger:

Blogger is an amazing IOS App that is specifically made for blogging at the comfort of your own iPhone; supporting a lot of functions and simultaneous blogs, it also has an amazing interface that allows you to easily use this perfectly designed blogging app. Since Blogger in itself is a platform, it allows you to utilize it for a lot of purposes.
  • Free to use
  • Requires G Mail

2. PhotoBucket:

Of course, a good blog needs good images and you will need to have an app that can easily pair up with your blogging platform. This app allows you to break up long texts with images or videos from their extensive library or from your own iPhone albums.
  • Allows Geo tagging
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • Free to use

3. Blog with iBlogger:

This is another superb blogging application that allows you to blog on your own platform of choice whether it is WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and etc. This app is perfect for home-based blogging but it can also be utilized to aid bloggers who are conscious of their article’s SEO content as well as for those who want to blog daily. 
  • Perfect for on the go Bloggers
  • Ideal for SEO experts

4. BlogPress:

Offers you a comprehensive blogging service that allows you to write, upload files, attach images, upload videos, add anchor texts, and even utilize hyperlinks for SEO purposes. Can easily be used on the iPhone but it is much easier to blog and utilize this app on the iPad. It supports different platforms such as Blogger, MSN Live Space, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and etc. Also allows you to utilize Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.
  • Easy to use drag and drop features
  • Features a wide array of different tools

5. WordPress:

Being the most popular blogging CMS, getting yourself this app allows you to easily access your WP blog speedily. It contains all of the features available to you on the desktop and it allows you to do anything and everything that you can normally accomplish on your actual blog. It gives you alignment features, allow you to create posts, manage content, create anchor texts, tags and even share your blogs. But most importantly, it gives you access to your complete data.
  • Easy to use blogging app
  • Best used by new bloggers
  • Free to use

Final Words....!

With the use of these apps, you can easily blog about different topics ranging from your hobbies and all the way to technical topics such as satellite T.V, radio services and even broad casting services. You can also utilize these apps together with other sky contact phone services.

Increasing Dollar Rate in India, This is Good for Bloggers

Hemant Verma - 2:38 PM

Hello frnds, as you all know that the rate of Dollar is increasing day by day and India Govt. is not able to control it and today's price is 67+ on one dollar, and after this pricing will be increase for everything like petrol, basic things, vegetables, fruits etc so, this is not good for us but as a Indian blogger is it good OR not? If we spending money and buying something then we have to spend more money be'coz mostly 70% thing are depend on the petrol and petrol is depend on the dollar so if rate of dollar will increase then petrol and other things will increase day by day automatically.

Positive Aspect of Increasing Dollar for Indian Blogger

  • I think this is good as a Indian blogger be'coz if you are earning money from adsense and suppose Google will you a cheaque of $100 and when you deposit it in the Indian bank then Bank will cash that cheaque with the current rate of dollar and suppose if the rate of dollar is 67 so, bank will give you money according to the rate of 67 means you will get  Rs. 6700 and if the rate of dollar is 70 then you will get Rs. 7000
  • You can get around about Rs. 2000 extra then last 4-5 month back be'coz dollar rate was 54.35 check it here.
  • It will be more helpful as financially.
  • It will encourage us more for blogging and we will try to give our best towards to the blogging so be'coz of this we would have more changes to earn more money.

Negative Aspect of Increasing Dollar for Indian Blogger

  • the point is that if you get increasing money then you also have to pay the extra money for everything like if you want to buy domain then you have to pay according to the dollar rate.
  • if you want to buy hosting then you have to buy it according to the current rate of dollar.
  • online shopping will be expensive
  • tax will be expensive
  • banks will cut extra tax and other charges

Final Words...

Don't see the negative points too much just see positive points and keep blogging, if want to earn more ad more money then spend minimum money and don't do these above negative points, avoid online shopping, if you are planing for purchasing the domain OR hosting then avoid it for a time. and it's must for then buy only is necessary case. and One more thing, Keep Blogging an Be Happy :) 

How to Transfer Your Feedburner Subscribers to AWeber

Hemant Verma - 5:48 PM

Our team always would have recommended FeedBurner as an RSS tool. FeedBurner was a free RSS tool that let you collect email addresses and automatically send subscribers emails every time you would publish a blog post.

However, FeedBurner was purchased by Google in 2006, and in late 2012, Google shut down FeedBurner’s API. It is now said that FeedBurner will soon disappear completely. Before FeedBurner is gone for good, what should you do with all of your blog subscribers?

FeedBlitz is the most equivalent service to Feedburner. However, it’s not free — you pay by number of email subscribers, and if you have over 1,000 subscribers that’s already $30 per month. 
That’s why I recommend using an Email Service Provider (ESP) called AWeber to manage all of your email marketing, including your RSS subscription emails. AWeber is $1 for the first month, and $19 per month thereafter for up to 500 subscribers
– and you can use it to manage all of your email marketing, not just your blog subscription emails. It’s used by many top bloggers today.

Create List of All Posts | Table of Content in Blogger by Generator

Hemant Verma - 6:41 PM

Table of Content means a list which includes our all posts with sorted by lables and also sorted by alphabets and this plugin is specially made by javascript and many times if we want to add this widget then we have to add many codes and after that we have to replace them by minding the symbols and if a newbie is doing this task for own blog then many times symbol's mistake does by newbie so you can add it direct in your blog without replacing any code OR any blog name. You will gonna add this widget thought widget Generators. So, Hope you gonna like this.

How to Decrypt Short Links (URL) Online

Hemant Verma - 10:06 PM

Short links are very popular in the web world be'coz if we want to hide the link OR if we don't want to show complete link to others OR if we want to post link in many sites then we use this short link service. This service is very effective in the terms of spamming and others, also by many short link service providers you can earn money online and this is very genuine way to earn money but some times many short links doesn't work properly by some kinds of mistake and others visitors can't open that short link, but in today's tutorial you get to know that how to break OR Decrypt Short URL Online.

Decrypt Short Links

There are many sites on the internet for this task but I found Link Decrypter is very nice and good site.


  • Decrypt almost 700+ short link services site
  • You can get all unprotected links sorted by its original URL in session history
  • Decyrpt link in minimum 10 sec 
  • Free of Cost
  • No need to Sign-in OR Sign-Up
  • Very simple interface
  • Load in sec
  • Can call cached memory any time.
  • Get your link easily even that is broken OR not
  • Very easy to use

How to Decrypt Short Links?

  • Go to  Link Decrypter
  • Enter your short link in text field
  • Select Link-Mode option 
  • Click onUnprotect button
Have Wait some time and your Short Link will be convert in full link.

How to Load Fast Your New Blogger Template Editor

Hemant Verma - 9:40 AM

Hello Friends we all are enjoying the New Update of Blogger that they launched their new Template Editor which very simple and easy to use and also we can find our widgets more easily also they removed the Ticker option from new template editor but almost all peoples on blogger is facing a very common problem when they want to edit their template then it takes time in loading than the previous version of blogger. I'm also facing this problem when I want to edit some thing in my blogger template and it always give a very bad situation to my tempered. So, there is a very easy solution for it. but remember this solution is not a technical solution and permanent but this trick always works for me and also works with my friends who do blogging. Hope this will also work for you. :)

How to Unpublish Blogger Post Without Deleting OR Losing Content

Hemant Verma - 9:34 PM

Posting the article is every thing for a blogger be'coz content make us king and once if public any article in the blogger then we don't want to remove it, be'coz we all do very hard work for writing it and we don't want to delete OR remove our hard work but many times conditions not so same because of some critical issues we have to remove our post which had been published already. but suppose if you want that i just want to unpublish that article but that should be remain save in my blogger account, It means hide your content / article / post without deleting from blogger, this is very easy.

What is jQuery Confilt Error and How to Resolve it?

Hemant Verma - 5:25 PM

jQuery is very important from the sense of websites / blogs be'coz without jQuery we can make our blog unique and also not give the special effects like sliding, dropdown effect etc and many other important things but as you know that we can't install the jQuery 2 times in one single website and when we do this, our effects OR some widgets don't work OR many things which is very important for us they also don't work and in this situation we can't hide last jQuery and not also add the new jQuery. Many times it happens that when we are installing a JavaScript code and that code might not work and you get a error. So, here we are trying to say just about What is this and How can you resolve it?

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