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Top 7 Loan Defaulter Companies of India

Hemant Verma - 3:45 PM
All India Bank Employees' Association (AIBEA) has announced a list of top 50 loan defaulters, mainly the corporate firms, whose total default amount to the banks is allegedly to be around Rs 40,528 crore (Rs 4056.28 billion).

The association demanded a remedy for the bad loans at the earliest to safeguard the public money in the banks.
The list, released by the association, is on the data on loan not paid from Public Sector Banks except State Bank of India, IDBI and foreign banks. The association also plans to come out with top 30 defaulters in each Bank.

Here is List of Biggest Defaulters....

1. Vijay Malya

Total Money Not Paid- Rs. 9000 Crore 

2. Moser Baer India Ltd. & Group Companies

Total Money Not Paid - Rs. 581 Crore

3. Century Communication Limited

Total Money Not Paid -  Rs 624 Crore

4. Indian Technomac

Total Money Not Paid - Rs 629 Crore

5. ICSA (India)

Total Money Not Paid - Rs 646 Crore

This is a Hyderabad based company which provides solutions and software for the Energy Sector, which includes power, oil, natural gas and water. The Company is also engaged in the business of providing energy Audit solutions.

6. Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited

Money Not Paid - Rs 700 Crore

Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited or DCHL publishes the English-language dailies Deccan Chronicle, Financial Chronicle and Asian Age and the Telugu daily Andhra Bhoomi.

7. Pixion Media Pvt. Limited

Money Not Paid - Rs 712 Crore


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