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5 Facts About Donald Trump That You Don't Know Ever

Hemant Verma - 1:50 PM
Donald Trump has become one of the most well-known Americans through his business dealings, television shows including "The Apprentice," and frequent appearances in the media, and he plans to announce on Tuesday if he will seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. But as the this news is also flashing in the world media that he will be the next president of United States of America. Many times we saw that not only in India but also in the world, peoples are misbehaving and don't liking his attitude just because of some controversial debates related with the national and international politics, thats why we found some interesting facts about him and we thinks that we should share it with our audiences, perhaps you will like it or perhaps not and this is our major duty for this task. Hope you like it.  

But there are still a number of things about "The Donald" that are not widely known.

Here are five of them...

1. Trump's grandparents anglicized their name from Drumpf. His grandfather Friedrich and grandmother Elisabeth were born in Germany and emigrated to the United States. Their son Fred Trump married Donald Trump's mother Mary Ann MacLeod, who was born in Scotland and met Donald Trump's father during a vacation trip to New York.

2. While Donald Trump did inherit wealth from his father, he is personally responsible for accumulating the great bulk of his fortune. Trump's father built affordable rental housing, mostly in Brooklyn and Queens in New York City. He had a net wealth estimated at between $250 million and $400 million at the time of his death, but his four surviving children were heirs.

By 2011, Donald Trump's business dealings had boosted his fortune to $2.4 billion, according to Forbes. One estimate now places his worth at $4.1 billion, although another maintains that it is as high as $7 billion.

3. Trump's parents sent him to a military school, New York Military Academy, when he was 13 years old. While there he played varsity football, varsity soccer, and was captain of his varsity baseball team.

4. Trump's oldest sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, served as a federal appeals court judge. She was nominated for the post by President Bill Clinton in 1999 and unanimously confirmed by the Senate. Prior to that, she had a seat on the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.
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5. Trump prefers cherry-vanilla ice cream. He also loves hamburgers and meat loaf, he once told Us Weekly, but he doesn't drink coffee, tea, or alcohol, and eats only the toppings on pizza, discarding the dough. And he eats lunch at his desk.


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